Institut für Partizipatives Gestalten

Welcome to the Institute for Participatory Design

The Institute for Participatory Design is committed to the cultural technique of design, understood as a participatory process of people, spaces, tangible and abstract elements. We seek to gain a theoretical understanding of these design processes, and to develop appropriate methods and enable practical settings for them.

Our objective is to design spaces, projects, ideas, products and concepts that are alive and open to change. In a given context we enable design processes with all involved elements which we call “participateurs”.

More specifically, this can mean that we

  • carry out a public participation process for the design of a town park and enable laypersons to develop their own design ideas,

  • help a civil society initiative to turn their ideas into tangible projects,

  • develop an educational concept which establishes links between entrepreneurial strength and meaningful employment and where people find themselves being both teachers and learners,

  • support a project founder as mentors and help him or her  to meet the challenges arising at a variety of levels as part of an open and flexible process,

  • design a private open space or garden together with the future users (communities, cohousing communities or private individuals) and help them to come up with their own solutions and develop these into a coherent overall plan that can be professionally implemented,

  • carry out workshops where we develop innovative solutions to problematic cases in urban planning in a very short time with a team of e.g. students,

  • and much more.

We see ourselves as an independent institute which combines the positive aspects of an academic institution, a private company, independent work and an open network. This means that you will find high academic standards, creative freedom, specific practical experience, personal commitment, direct expertise, a willingness to experiment, and entrepreneurial spirit. These qualities are reflected in both our work and the structure of our institute.

We look forward to you getting in touch with us. We will be delighted to personally inform you of our services and activities as well as your opportunities for participation.

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