Process Support

We support you, your team or your organisation in the fields of:

  • collaboration,
  • innovation,
  • leadership,
  • communication and
  • personal development.

Life creates itself through dynamic processes. Thus we are always confronted with change and renewal - personally and professionally in all our projects and endeavours. As an individual, team or organisation this often means that we have to confront challenges which are hard to overcome by our own.

That is the case for instance, if our communication lacks transparency and trust, if our creativity is blocked by outside pressure, or if nebulous roles and hierarchies jeopardize all positive action. Often a whole range of these factors play together to make a situation utterly unbearable.

Through our process support we help individuals, teams and organisations to work with rather than against these processes. Because despite the fact that these processes can challenge us with immense problems, they are almost always helpful warning signs for misdevelopment and can guide us in working towards positive change and solutions for our future. To harvest these benefits we encourage to boldly face the forces at work, to examine blind spots and and to hand over to the process.

This work is rarely possible without crisis. To face a process means to cast light upon all aspects of a difficult situation even if the pressure increases. But this pressure is also the driving force for progress. After working through the crisis, new and unexpected perspectives, solutions, ideas and beneficial relationsships are possible. Thus we as individuals and groups grow into our potential as creators of our future.