Landscape Architecture

We design open spaces.

  • We design open spaces for you. These may be, for example, parks, a town square, an open space in a cohousing community, or a private garden. Through direct and in-depth engagement with the open space and its context we develop location-related concepts. These are professionally drafted in close cooperation with our clients and in accordance with the contracted performance phases.

  • We conceptually design participation processes together with you or on your behalf. Rather than engaging in renewed discussions of already familiar positions, the focus of our events is on enabling all participants to intensively engage with the open space and the design task at hand. This creates new ‘open spaces’ in the participants’ minds, followed by new design ideas.
  • We assist you in the organization, implementation and documentation of cooperative planning processes, such as cooperative design competitions or informal cooperative processes and we would be happy to include public participation.
  • Cooperation between municipalities and the private sector in the sense of Public Private Partnerships is also on the rise in urban development. We assist such cooperation. As part of a professionally instructed and facilitated process you will gain a joint understanding of the spatial concept of the open spaces important to the fabric of your community. On this basis you will be able to seek suitable investors for your ideas.

How we see our work

We do not see ourselves as landscape architects who wish to put their stamp on a design or a space. We see ourselves as 'facilitating participants' who provide their technical expertise in order to arrive at meaningful solutions. We make the design process and the design methods, which result in a draft design, transparent.

Qualification through professionalism

The transparent use and documentation of processes, methods and results in the form of graphics, images and text allow for the proposed solutions to be comprehensible to third parties. As a team with formal qualifications in landscape architecture, facilitation, art, education and training we can offer you a broad range of experience regarding conceptual, substantive and detail design in open space planning, participation processes and procedural assistance.

"You must build in such a way that you and those dear to you will use your buildings, look at them, work in them, spend their holidays in them, and grow old in them with pleasure." Leon Krier